Here comes Spring...
Dear Rossi S.r.l.
Spring has sprung, here in Tuscany. Here we are at last, at the time of awakening after the winter. The countryside is spotted by the fruit trees’ flowers, white, pink and red, fields of daisies and dandelions give their white and yellow touch to a perfect impressionist canvas. Industrious bees are at work to produce our food for the next months.
This is the best time to discover Tuscany at your own pace… and live an authentic experience.

Our greens are back to their perfect form offering enthralling and challenging games to fill with enthusiasm any golfer.

Dearest visitors to Tuscany (and Italy), given that more than 60% of the world artistic heritage exists in our country, our cuisine and products are regarded as world heritage, our landscapes have been photographed and painted by world artists, it’s easy to understand why we are inviting you here!
We are excited to share with you the aromas, tastes and colours that make Tuscany unique…

Wishing you a very happy Easter and waiting to meet you in Tuscany

Live like a local… in Tuscany!
Rent an apartment and travel with your family or with a small group of friends.

Whether you plan on visiting Tuscany for a few days of a few weeks, the only real way to get to know the Tuscan way of life is to live like the locals do. Travel should be much more than ticking of a list of places you have seen, you need to understand how the locals live their day-to-day life to truly experience an area.
We propose to rent an apartment in the city centre of Pistoia, one of the most beautiful small city yet and hidden gem, and experience the “aperitif” at the café al fresco, the dining out, the boutiques, the street markets and…
At few Kms are two of the best courses of the region…

Ladies Golf Tour… small group tour (3-10 June)

Imagine for a moment traveling with a small group of women who share your same interest and excitement about Tuscany. Imagine the fun, the laughter, the new friendships, and the unforgettable memories. Joining our small group tours of girls, you can meet with other women from different parts of the world, create new friendships that last forever while experiencing the real sense of place.

Create your perfect holiday!

Are you a creative traveller and love to create yourself everyday of you holiday, but don’t want to miss the most tempting experiences?
Mix and match our daily excursions and experience and combine yourself your perfect holiday… and if you don’t find what you are looking for or you need more details or suggestion just contact us we’ll be happy to help!

Fall Preview: Golf & Wine Tour in September

Tuscany is one of the most romantic and culturally vibrant wine regions in the world . Wine & Food, here, are part of everyday life. If you are looking for an authentic and unforgettable experience this tour is for you...
Each of our tours is custom-designed specifically for small groups, with a balanced mix of golf, sightseeing, traveling, cultural encounters, and free time.

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